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Out there on the street, homeless youth have few choices: Hopelessness. Deprivation. Jail. Or, Covenant House. When everyone and everything else in their young lives fail them, we are there to save them from the streets—with unconditional love and a door that's open 24/7. Covenant House provides the food, shelter and care they desperately need right now, as well as the support and life skills they need to put their lives on the right track.

Some of the kids who come to us have run away from abusive or neglectful homes, some have been rejected by their families due to teenage pregnancy or revealing their sexual orientation, some have “aged out” of foster care, some have escaped the city's notorious sex trafficking trade, and others grew up in homeless or poverty-stricken families who couldn't afford to care for them once they turned 18. They all share one thing in common; they have turned to Covenant House for help.

Covenant House Georgia is the state's only shelter to serve both males and females ages 18 to 21 with short-term crisis care for youth ages 12 to 17. The beds at our shelters are always full and the waiting list is always long. We need your help, the youth on the streets of Atlanta need your help.

Browse our website to get an in depth look at our operation and see how we help provide the kids in our care with something many of them have never had in their lives before... hope

More importantly, you can see what you can do to help.



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We are striving to raise $18,000 by September 15th to support the hopes and dreams of our next generation.

To learn how you can empower these youth or to read our youth's stories click here. 


Walt Disney World Marathon WeekendMany of the youth who come to CHGA for help have endured neglect, abuse, abandonment and other adverse circumstances in their young lives. Covenant House Georgia is devoted to providing these individuals with a safe and nurturing environment where their medical, educational, psychological and day-to-day needs can be met.  Won't you do the same?

By committing to run the Walt Disney World Marathon, Half Marathon, or 10k you are helping this forgotten population of youth. Click here to learn how your strides on the street today may keep a youth off of the streets tonight. 


We are proud to announce that Covenant House Georgia has been named a recipient of the Bank of America 2013 Neighborhood Builders award!

“We recognize the important role…Covenant House Georgia play[s] in serving our most vulnerable residents and ensuring better lives for so many in our community,” said Geri Thomas, Georgia market president, Bank of America. “The leadership training and funding will not only deepen their impact today but sustain their mission and services over time.”



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