The Uplift Campaign

This back-to-school season,

help us meet the basic needs of homeless youth

-- shelter, food, and safety --

and empower them to advance their education!

Uplift Campaign   Uplift Campaign
This week's uplifting highlight:
Meet Regina, CHGA's Director of Support Services
 She has worked at CHGA for 5 years building strong education & vocation programs for Atlanta's homeless youth.
If there's one thing that all of our youth know about Ms. Regina, it's that she is going to hold them to high expectations.
Regina notes that homeless youth face many obstacles when trying to advance their education (bullying in the classroom, absent parents, mental health issues, lack of basic skills from gaps in early childhood education), but an often overlooked one is low expectations.
Regina tells the story of a youth in our shelter who came to us just one class away from his high school degree. He is incredibly smart, but severe depression prevented him from completing the course. Knowing his potential, Regina motivated him to take the GED instead. Less than a month later, he scored in the honors range! We are now helping him apply to college.
Growing up with college-educated parents, Regina says a college degree was always expected of her, but homeless youth typically don't have such role models. CHGA intervenes by motivating youth to excel. Regina says, "It has been my experience that when you raise the expectations of young people, they will meet them." 

Help us raise $20,000 by September 3rd & empower homeless youth to achieve any goal they set!

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 Homeless teens are worried about things they should not have to be at their age, like finding a safe place to sleep or finding their next meal. This makes it incredibly difficult for them to succeed in the classroom.

 At CHGA, we lighten these burdens so homeless youth can focus on what they should: finishing high school, going to college, and attaining their dream job! 

 Consider donating today to lighten the burdens of homeless & trafficked youth! With your support, we can help them overcome their pasts, advance their education, and achieve long-term success!


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