If youth can't get to us, we can get to them through our Outreach program. Our open door is not always just a block away from everyone, so we reach out beyond it and into the streets. We get to know homeless youth all over the city, make sure they have something to eat and let then know our door is always open if they needs us.

Street Outreach Program

Nothing is more vital to our mission than reaching out to those in need. The Street Outreach Program teams are made up of staff and our resident youth who are familiar with the areas homeless youth tend to hide. They go out onto the streets on a weekly basis to engage homeless teens and provide information about our services. Food and other supplies are provided as needed. A Street Outreach contact, more often than not, is a vital first step in building a relationship with a young person who may have lost trust in adults and organizations
willing to help.

There may be no bridge back, but there is a bridge forward

School Outreach

Referrals to and from area schools, along with contacts with local educators, are indispensable.  The McKinney-Vento Act is a federal law that guarantees educational rights of children and youth on their own who are experiencing homelessness. Each school system is required to have a homeless liaison that works with youth who are homeless and Covenant House Georgia partners with the homeless liaisons in metro-Atlanta to identify youth who are in need of our services.

We also have relationships with the open campus high schools in Atlanta and often receive referrals for youth who are homeless or who have run away from home. If you are a school professional and would like more information about our school outreach program, contact Todd Wilcher at 404-589-0163, twilcher@covenanthouse.org.

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