Host a Housewarming Party

Each time a friend moves to a new place, you get together and have a housewarming party.  You help them unpack, rearrange, or perhaps purchse items they will need for their new place such as, a new mop or new towels.

Each time we have a youth transition to Rights of Passage, they have many of these same needs.  Often their needs are even greater becuase their prior "residence" had been the streets, so they do not have even the basics.

A Housewarming Party provides the necessities for a youth and their "first" apartment.  

Often, groups will get together and host a Houswarming Party.  This involves developing a plan for what the youth needs for their apartment and raising the necessary funds to make the purchases.  Once the purchases are made, and the youth is ready to move-in, you host the Housewarming Party to get them completely moved in and "open" their home.

Covenant House Georgia is registered at Target.  Any items purchased here will go towards the next Housewarming Party!

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