5 Ways to Give Back in Atlanta This Summer

5 Ways to Give Back in Atlanta This Summer

5 Ways to Give Back in Atlanta This Summer

Whether you are looking for a hands on project or a way to donate, or maybe something with a little combination of the two, we’ve got 5 different ways for you to give back this summer!

1) Closet Clean Out!

  • Beat the heat of summer by staying within the confines of your air conditioning! Did you miss Spring Cleaning this year? This is the perfect opportunity for you! Covenant House provides both casual and business attire to all of the youth who stay in our shelter or use our drop in services. The only way we are able to provide clothing for our youth is through donations from our community, so go ahead and clean out those closets and bring it all down!

2) Lemonade Stand / Bake Sale

  • Host a lemonade stand or bake sale in your neighborhood and donate the proceeds to your favorite non-profit! Because Covenant House can’t have volunteers on campus under the age of 21, we love seeing the different ways that parents get creative in teaching their children about the importance of giving back!

3) Prepare and Share a Meal

  • Cooking a meal for 65 people can sound….overwhelming, to say the least. But, how about grabbing some friends and throwing a summer cook out! With a few people manning the grill, providing food for 65 won’t be too hard at all. Covenant House depends entirely on volunteers to provide and serve food for our youth and we would love to work with you to schedule your group for a meal or cookout this summer!

4) Extreme Couponing

  • Yes, you read that right! Recently we’ve gotten a new donor who loves shopping for deals on items like deodorant and laundry detergent, but doesn’t always need the items herself! If you find yourself thrilled finding amazing deals, why not donate those items back to a shelter who needs them.

5) Lend Your Landscaping Skills

  •  If you are someone who finds being outside working on landscaping relaxing, why not work on that farmer’s tan while lending those skills to a non-profit in need! Covenant House sits on 7 acres of land and is always willing to accept help in keeping up with it.

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